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Custom Shirts are IN. Not just for corporate executives

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As the name suggests, custom shirt is a kind of shirt, which is made according to the specification of an individual. It is an awesome compliment to your body to wear a shirt, which is precisely tailored as per your requirements and your profile. Such shirts offer individuality that ready-made shirts cannot express.


Customization creates a variety of options for various trades, job profiles, and occasions while keeping the appearance elegant. These occasions can be formal, informal, corporative meetings, casual outings or parties, and these shirts being exclusive, give you right look and feel on such events. The comfort and luxury offered by these shirts is another added advantage that these shirts provide.


casual-mens-purple-white-stripe-pattern-shirtsWhen we talk about the customization, we look at every aspect of the attire. This is made possible by offering a huge variety in fabrics, colors, styles, sizes and add-nos, if any. You will find all the above features just a click away.

We are going to give a new definition to the online shopping by giving you an option of designing your attire rather than selecting from the custom dress shirts. Moreover, the interface is very easy from start to finish and allows you to navigate from selecting the fabric to styling, detailing and sizing it. The sequence starts from selecting the fabric among the choice of exclusive and latest collection of fabric and its set of colors, followed by styling, which includes various adjustable elements like collars, pockets, and plackets etc.

The next step includes add ons as per your requirements and choices, and final step requires you to mention about the measurements. One has the choice of selecting from standard sizes, measuring himself or giving measurements of his best slim fit dress shirts.

The pictures of various styles and sizes allow the person to actually visualize the shirt, and this makes it easy to decide upon these aspects. Those who like to shop online or in other words, who are tired of the pushy salesmen of the stores, can make their choices here at ease.

Joining us online and becoming our member can also fetch you some attractive discount offers. Additionally, the records of each of our clients’ measurements are maintained here for easy future reference. With all the above mentioned features, we endeavor to offer a hassle-free access to premium quality shopping of custom shirts made exclusively for you.


The concept of Custom Shirts!!!

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Through the past few years there has been a lot of talk about custom t-shirts, mugs and all that stuff but having a custom shirt seemed like a distant possibility. Especially with things getting so expensive getting a shirt made to your own liking as in picking the fabric, styling it, detailing it to the point of button style and having it customized to fit your body. This sounds so much better than picking up that S, M, L etc which is general design as well as fitting to fit the masses. A ready made shirt can fit good but it can never fit perfectly. For a perfect fit you need it tailored but in today’s world it is very expensive to get a shirt tailored infact for regular people it is impossible.


 casual-mens-purple-checkerad-pattern-shirtcasual-mens-purple-checkerad-pattern-shirtAt this time comes out like a dream come true for designing your own shirts. And it is not just picking your own online custom shirt fabric or color they allow you to customize the stitching color, collar style, number of buttons, Cuffs, front buttons style, pocket is optional, YOKE, back design, shoulder design, bottom design, collar stiffness, cuff stiffness, button colors, and many other details. Such flexibility allows you to design your own favorite shirt

 so no more do you have to pick a shirt with favorite collar, or fabric or pocket style you can have all your favorites in one shirt or several combinations of favorites by designing an custom made dress shirts.

 Checkout how it works and why it is unbelievably affordable to design your own shirt and to top it all have your monogram on it.

Custom Dress Shirts are IN!

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A dress shirt is an article of clothing which should make an impression on the individuals you meet while wearing it. It should look sophisticated, fit to perfection, and reflect the personality and attitude you wish to portray. A store-bought dress shirt is made to fit generic sizes, but not all men and women fit into the molds of generic sizes so the shirts fit almost no one perfectly.

 A custom, tailored dress shirts will surpass all store-bought shirts in its ability to fit the wearer like it was made for them, because it was made for them. A custom shirt will fit perfectly in sleeve length, collar size, torso, shoulders, and overall length; the chance of finding a generic shirt that will fit perfectly on all of these fronts is nearly impossible. A properly fit shirt screams success, confidence, sophistication, and professionalism.

 Whether everyone admits it or not, clothing is one of the first things we notice about another person; appearance is our absolute first impression of someone we face-to-face. It is important to always look occasion-appropriate and having a custom made dress shirt can help achieve that. A custom dress shirt can be created to not only fit perfectly but to give off the exact impression that is desired; also, it can be created in the fabric which is most comfortable and appropriate for the event.

 A custom shirt for a hot summer day could be created in a light cotton or moisture-wicking fabric; a golf polo would be similar though more casual than a dress shirt one may wear to a work event. In the colder months a warmer and more durable wool or twill blend may be used both for comfort and practicality. For active occasions or those which may get a bit messy a man-made fabric may be used because they tend to be more resistant to stains and wrinkles.

 The color and pattern can also be chosen when a shirt is custom made; choosing a color and fabric for a specific impression that you want to give is sure to inspire confidence. There are many times when an individual may see a shirt they like in terms of color, texture, or pattern but when they feel the fabric they are immediately turned off, and vice versa. Having mens custom dress shirts allows the wearer to create their own wardrobe without bothering with the disappointment of department stores.

 The style of shirt is important as well because certain styles and cuts will compliment distinct features, or take away from less-desirable features. The goal is to always make oneself look as attractive and put-together as possible, especially when aiming to impress; this applies to most work, dating, and social situations. Collar style, neck and shoulder cut, cuff style, and even buttons can set one man or woman apart from the others.

 In a sea of people who are all cloaked in generic, store-bought, ill-fitting shirts an individual who is dressed to impress in a custom dress shirt will always stand out. Why shop off the rack when you can own a closet full of shirts unique to your own personality, style, and taste?