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Going To A Tailor Is No More Mandatory To Get A Personalized/Customized Shirt

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Everyone loves customization. If a person is offered something which is a general item and something that has been personalized to meet his or her requirements then the person would go for the latter. Personalization or customization adds a personal touch to an article. Likewise when it comes to apparel, if you have the freedom to choose everything right from the color to the stitching design then it will surely catch your attention and other’s too. A unique design helps you stand out from the crowd. In the era where all men are wearing readymade shirts, you can get a custom made dress shirt and flaunt your unique style. While you may think that a readymade shirt can meet all your requirements, the truth is it is not the case in every shirt. When it comes to a readymade shirt, you may like the color but not the design, if you like the design you may not like the pocket style, and so on and so forth. A readymade shirt cannot completely meet your requirement.

When it comes to a custom made dress shirt which has been customized according to your requirements you get the freedom to design different aspects of the shirt. You can specify the fabric, color, pocket style, color of the stitching thread and many other things to create a men’s slim fit shirt. With the freedom to customize or design your shirt as per your specifications, you can create your shirt design right from the scratch. With a custom made dress shirt, you get the both the fabric and fabric color of your choice.

When you go to a tailor to create a custom made dress shirt you may not have the choices you may get with online custom made dress shirts. Moreover, the level of customization gets limited. With online custom made shirts, you have a variety of choices. You can specify the various colors that you would like to choose in your shirt fabric. With a variety of choices in front of you the work of selecting the right color and fabric is not left to your imagination. The variety of colors provided when you are designing custom made dress shirt online is large in number.


With ability to create custom made dress shirts online, you need not take a special time out to meet your tailor. Saving your time, it improves the number of choices you have. White dress shirts for men can be made more attractive by choosing the right color of thread for stitching. Adding contrast it gives a unique style to the shirt. Custom made dress shirts might be a bit expensive as they have been tailored as per the unique requirements of the clients. However, the truth is when you ask your tailor to stitch a unique shirt with your specifications he will also increase his stitching charges due to increased efforts he needs to make.

So why take the trouble to get the fabric from the market and visiting your tailor for mens slim fit shirts. Visit iCustomshirts and get a shirt that is made just for you.