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Dress Shirts For Men 2013 | Men Fashion Trends

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Dress Shirts For Men 2013

we recommend you the Must-Haves of this season when it comes to Dress Shirts For Men.

An incredible season awaits and we are all eager to get out and look our best.

Here’s what we have in mind if you are looking for dress shirts.

What Dress Shirts Are Hot This Season?

Plain Colorful Dress Shirts For Men

Pink Dress Shirt Black Striped Tie Black Belt Black Pants
Pink Dress Shirt Black Striped Tie Black Belt Black Pants
Black Extra Slim Fit French Cuff Shirt
Black Extra Slim Fit French Cuff Shirt

Men’s formal fashions have been redefined. It’s not about boring plain shirts anymore. With ready made shirts fitting as good as the custom tailored dress shirts, more and more men are now opting for the ready made dress shirts. The new age dress shirts have taken formal dressing to new altitudes. The choices are so many, that you can manage to wear a new look to office almost everyday.

Blue Extra Slim Fit French Cuff Shirt
Blue Extra Slim Fit French Cuff Shirt
Marine Extra Slim Fit French Cuff Shirt
Marine Extra Slim Fit French Cuff Shirt
Purple Dress Shirt Black And White Tie Light Grey Pant Gray Belt
Purple Dress Shirt Black And White Tie Light Grey Pant Gray Belt

The next variant in mens formal dress shirts are the checked shirts. They are again available in a wide array of color combinations. Stay away from very typical and bright shades as they may make you feel out of place at times. Stick to tried and testing colors. Wear plain ties with them for a sophisticated look.


Choosing the Right Fitting Custom Dress Shirts

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Slim Fit Dress Shirts

Those men who have a lean physique or an athletic build often find that slim fit dress shirts are more comfortable & more flattering. These custom dress shirts are tapered at the sides with less fabric around the waist. When your shirts are baggy around the waist & bunch up in the back when tucked in you will accomplish a better shirt fitting with a slim fit dress shirt. If a slim fit dress shirt is custom made then it can be made to fit more closely around the torso & arms without being tight. So for men who are naturally narrow or who work out & take care of their bodies, these slim fit custom dress shirts are a contemporary choice to provide a well-proportioned look.

Regular Fit Dress Shirts

These custom dress shirts provide a traditional fit that is neither form-fitting nor loose. Their fit is comfortable without being bulky when worn with a suit. Using the term-regular fit is a small bit of a misnomer when it comes to custom dress shirts as when a shirt is custom-made for the wearer, its shape conforms to the body & provides the right amount of ease. It is true that the mass-produced regular fit shirts cannot fit every body type & usually finish up being giant in some areas for man & small for another. So the only type of regular fit dress shirt that fits well is that is custom made.

images (1)Loose Fit Dress Shirt

While slim fit dress shirts are appropriate for a day at the office or an evening out on the town,the loose fit dress shirts are a fashionable look for casual wear. The choose fit dress shirts are often worn tucked out with a white or colored t-shirt underneath. A loose fit dress shirt’s arms & torso ought to provide lots of ease without looking like billowing sails. If a loose fit shirt is custom made, it conveys a feeling of relaxation & comfort.

Long Sleeve Dress Shirts

Long sleeve dress shirts are still the norm for a well-dressed apparel. The length of the sleeves is of the critical signs of a well-fitted dress shirt & if the sleeve is long or short, it can give the whole shirt a ridiculous appearance. A large issue with ready-made dress shirts is the sleeve length. With custom dress shirts, sleeve length is made to measure for the individual.

Short Sleeve Dress Shirts

The short sleeve dress shirts are a great option for warm weather casual wear. These sleeves are appropriate for some businesses in warmer climates but are historicallyin the past never worn under a suit. Since the aim in wearing a short sleeve shirt is keeping icy so it ought to be made from a high-quality & lightweight cotton or linen. Lighter colours are the best choices for warm weather since they don’t absorb light. A custom made short sleeve dress shirt will provide a custom fit & attention to detail that will get noticed by others.

Dress Shirts for Short Men

It’s important for short men to seek out dress shirts that are proportioned correctly as if the sleeves or torso are long, it can make a short man look even shorter. Off-the-rack dress shirts are made for standard sizes so some part of the shirt may not fit correctly a shorter man. Therefore, Custom dress shirts are the ideal solution for shorter men who have trouble finding shirts.

Dress Shirts for Long Men

Like men who are short in stature, the tall men also need shirts that have correct proportions. So no matter how expensive a dress shirt is, when the shoulders are small or the sleeves short, its effect is less than impressive. Again, Custom dress shirts are a practical solution for tall men. A custom dress shirts can be made to fit men of any stature including tall & long.

You need is a pair of custom dress shirts and tight pants

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First impressions are everything. How do you feel in your appearance and dress can make the difference between landing that new job or closing a big deal. Taking the time to make sure your appearance is equivalent to what you have to offer mental health is essential to the way you dress for success. Can custom dress shirts dress for success easy.

 With competition in the business world, any extra edge you can have only increase your chances of standing apart from others. Having a clean and sharp shows others you care about your appearance and take the extra time needed to go a step further. Custom dress shirts are an easy way to add that extra touch to your wardrobe of success.

 Unlike rack shirts, custom dress shirts are just that, custom made to fit your body. Ill-fitting shirt, no matter who the designer is, how well ironed it is, or how new it is still issued a run. Having custom dress shirts in a variety of colors and fabrics will have you ready for all occasions.

 When you purchase the rack shirts in your local clothing store, you are buying a shirt made for the masses, and not specifically for you. On the other hand, have you ever noticed when you find that grid casual shirt that fits well, the first time you clean never fits the same time? This is due to shirts are sewn on rack 12 stitches per inch, while custom shirts sewn 20 stitches per inch. That makes a big difference in durability, and shirt holding her correctly after a clean installation.

 There is a huge misconception that has tailored shirts is very expensive. The reality is, tailored dress shirts do not cost anymore then really rack shirts. Also, when you have custom shirts, they last longer, fit better and give a better first, second and third impression. They will set you apart from the rest and just feel better when you are looking your best. When you feel good, you feel more confident and your attitude will give the same confidence. That is what will make the difference between success and failure.

 Dressing for success does not have to be difficult, expensive or time. You do not need an image consultant on speed dial. All you need is a pair of slim fit dress shirts and tight pants in the locker room and you are good to go! Dressing for success and the rest will follow.