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Buying Online Custom Shirts Vs Branded, Over Priced Shirts

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Buying online custom shirts is the new hot trend that every one wishes to go with. Yes, I am talking about women too as they wish to gift personalized shirts to the important or special men in their lives. Customization is the favorite word both for consumers and businesses. Anything that exactly meets the tastes or requirements of the customers is sure to be a hit on the market. It would make the shirt wearer stand out from the crowd. A custom tailored shirt is unique and has exceptional specifications. It presents the hand-made elements that have been assorted as per your expectations and specifications. All the elements can be chosen. Custom made shirts can also be gifted to friends and relatives. A custom dress shirt represents a person’s unique identity. Customization adds personal touch to any apparel.

Marine Extra Slim Fit French Cuff Shirt
Marine Extra Slim Fit French Cuff Shirt

Custom shirts meet your unique requirements and are priced appropriately. They offer wider choices than the branded shirts available on stores. A branded shirt may not meet all your requirements and might make a hole in your pocket. A custom shirt is not too heavy on your pocket as it is appropriately priced. If you wish to add more specifications or alterations on the shirt only then some extra charge is levied. A branded shirt doesn’t leave much room for choices. It is a pre designed shirt with default fabric and buttons. Whereas a custom shirt allows you to choose everything right from the fabric and color to pocket style and monograms. A branded shirt is often priced at a high rate owing to the established brand name and yet it may not deliver the desired results. You may have to compromise on one aspect or another when it comes to branded custom made dress shirts. You may like the color but you may not like the fabric. You may like the color and fabric both but you may not be able to bring changes in other aspects such as collar style, button style, cuffs, pocket style etc.

Purple Dress Shirt Black And White Tie Light Grey Pant Gray Belt
Purple Dress Shirt Black And White Tie Light Grey Pant Gray Belt

On the other hand, when you go for a custom shirt you can customize each element of your shirt. Online custom shirts offer you the convenience of buying shirt at your own time and also provide you the facility to mention various specifications for your custom shirt. Buying online custom shirts is like stitching or designing your custom shirt online. Once you design your shirt by mentioning the specifications the final shirt which you will get is kenspeckle. A branded shirt limits your choice and leaves almost no room for designing. Custom tailored shirts online provide the freedom to choose online custom shirt fabrics, design, button style, cuffs, fitting, style it, collar style, stitching style, pocket style, shoulders as well as personalized monograms. This helps in creating a totally custom tailored dress shirt.

Thus, when it comes to making a choice between getting a branded shirt or a custom tailored shirt, it is always better to go for custom dress shirts online. Providing convenience of shopping, online custom shirts let you specify your unique requirements.




Going To A Tailor Is No More Mandatory To Get A Personalized/Customized Shirt

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Everyone loves customization. If a person is offered something which is a general item and something that has been personalized to meet his or her requirements then the person would go for the latter. Personalization or customization adds a personal touch to an article. Likewise when it comes to apparel, if you have the freedom to choose everything right from the color to the stitching design then it will surely catch your attention and other’s too. A unique design helps you stand out from the crowd. In the era where all men are wearing readymade shirts, you can get a custom made dress shirt and flaunt your unique style. While you may think that a readymade shirt can meet all your requirements, the truth is it is not the case in every shirt. When it comes to a readymade shirt, you may like the color but not the design, if you like the design you may not like the pocket style, and so on and so forth. A readymade shirt cannot completely meet your requirement.

When it comes to a custom made dress shirt which has been customized according to your requirements you get the freedom to design different aspects of the shirt. You can specify the fabric, color, pocket style, color of the stitching thread and many other things to create a men’s slim fit shirt. With the freedom to customize or design your shirt as per your specifications, you can create your shirt design right from the scratch. With a custom made dress shirt, you get the both the fabric and fabric color of your choice.

When you go to a tailor to create a custom made dress shirt you may not have the choices you may get with online custom made dress shirts. Moreover, the level of customization gets limited. With online custom made shirts, you have a variety of choices. You can specify the various colors that you would like to choose in your shirt fabric. With a variety of choices in front of you the work of selecting the right color and fabric is not left to your imagination. The variety of colors provided when you are designing custom made dress shirt online is large in number.


With ability to create custom made dress shirts online, you need not take a special time out to meet your tailor. Saving your time, it improves the number of choices you have. White dress shirts for men can be made more attractive by choosing the right color of thread for stitching. Adding contrast it gives a unique style to the shirt. Custom made dress shirts might be a bit expensive as they have been tailored as per the unique requirements of the clients. However, the truth is when you ask your tailor to stitch a unique shirt with your specifications he will also increase his stitching charges due to increased efforts he needs to make.

So why take the trouble to get the fabric from the market and visiting your tailor for mens slim fit shirts. Visit iCustomshirts and get a shirt that is made just for you.

Choosing the Right Fitting Custom Dress Shirts

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Slim Fit Dress Shirts

Those men who have a lean physique or an athletic build often find that slim fit dress shirts are more comfortable & more flattering. These custom dress shirts are tapered at the sides with less fabric around the waist. When your shirts are baggy around the waist & bunch up in the back when tucked in you will accomplish a better shirt fitting with a slim fit dress shirt. If a slim fit dress shirt is custom made then it can be made to fit more closely around the torso & arms without being tight. So for men who are naturally narrow or who work out & take care of their bodies, these slim fit custom dress shirts are a contemporary choice to provide a well-proportioned look.

Regular Fit Dress Shirts

These custom dress shirts provide a traditional fit that is neither form-fitting nor loose. Their fit is comfortable without being bulky when worn with a suit. Using the term-regular fit is a small bit of a misnomer when it comes to custom dress shirts as when a shirt is custom-made for the wearer, its shape conforms to the body & provides the right amount of ease. It is true that the mass-produced regular fit shirts cannot fit every body type & usually finish up being giant in some areas for man & small for another. So the only type of regular fit dress shirt that fits well is that is custom made.

images (1)Loose Fit Dress Shirt

While slim fit dress shirts are appropriate for a day at the office or an evening out on the town,the loose fit dress shirts are a fashionable look for casual wear. The choose fit dress shirts are often worn tucked out with a white or colored t-shirt underneath. A loose fit dress shirt’s arms & torso ought to provide lots of ease without looking like billowing sails. If a loose fit shirt is custom made, it conveys a feeling of relaxation & comfort.

Long Sleeve Dress Shirts

Long sleeve dress shirts are still the norm for a well-dressed apparel. The length of the sleeves is of the critical signs of a well-fitted dress shirt & if the sleeve is long or short, it can give the whole shirt a ridiculous appearance. A large issue with ready-made dress shirts is the sleeve length. With custom dress shirts, sleeve length is made to measure for the individual.

Short Sleeve Dress Shirts

The short sleeve dress shirts are a great option for warm weather casual wear. These sleeves are appropriate for some businesses in warmer climates but are historicallyin the past never worn under a suit. Since the aim in wearing a short sleeve shirt is keeping icy so it ought to be made from a high-quality & lightweight cotton or linen. Lighter colours are the best choices for warm weather since they don’t absorb light. A custom made short sleeve dress shirt will provide a custom fit & attention to detail that will get noticed by others.

Dress Shirts for Short Men

It’s important for short men to seek out dress shirts that are proportioned correctly as if the sleeves or torso are long, it can make a short man look even shorter. Off-the-rack dress shirts are made for standard sizes so some part of the shirt may not fit correctly a shorter man. Therefore, Custom dress shirts are the ideal solution for shorter men who have trouble finding shirts.

Dress Shirts for Long Men

Like men who are short in stature, the tall men also need shirts that have correct proportions. So no matter how expensive a dress shirt is, when the shoulders are small or the sleeves short, its effect is less than impressive. Again, Custom dress shirts are a practical solution for tall men. A custom dress shirts can be made to fit men of any stature including tall & long.

Custom Dress Shirts a New Sense of Style, Fashion & Creativity

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Custom shirts as the name implies hold a special place in men’s clothing as these shirts give men a sense of completeness as well as enable them to flaunt their first rate character in the society in a distinctive way. Put in simple words, for conscious individuals who need to generate a new style & fashion statement, custom shirts are the ideal option for them.

shirtsBoth men & ladies need to have a sizable collection of clothing & accessories in their wardrobe. But, the clothing collection is regarded as incomplete without having custom dress shirts. In the event you are also of those who need to look different from the crowd & lure others, then you ought to adorn yourself with custom shirts that are known to make a new style.

Another reason behind their popularity is that people are conscious about their dress and appearance & they also don’t hesitate to spend a substantial amount of money to get something different, distinctive and of high quality. Custom shirts generate a new sense of style, fashion and creativity & also improve the confidence level of the wearers.

These authentically designed shirts not only signify the medieval period, but also make the wearer centre of attraction in party and other occasions. People also prefer to wear them along with formal dresses. Apart from this, the combination of tie and custom shirt also boosts wearers character to a great level. This is the main reason that the demand of custom dress shirts is much high.

By doing so, you can get the custom shirts in your desired style, design & size. In the event you are going to buy a ready-made custom shirt, it is vital to keep some vital points in mind. Apart from this, you ought to also get the details about fabrics, colour and design. In order to buy your favourite custom shirts or other clothing items, all you need to do is basically select an online manufacturer, suppliers and place your order online.

With an objective to make these shirts increasingly popular and to glorify the medieval period, manufacturers & suppliers have come up with the notion of selling them online. In this way, these shirts are also obtainable at online stores at cost-effective cost tag. Most of the manufacturers who are involved in selling the custom dress shirts online also offer wearers an option of design shirts according to their choice by selecting the right and high quality fabrics, colours, collars, cuffs, pockets & buttons as well.


Ready-Made Dress Shirts for Men vs Custom Made Dress Shirts

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The issue with ready-made dress shirts for men is that they do not provide options for gentlemen who are outside the norm: men with huge necks and narrow bodies, men with tiny necks and long arms, men with an athletic build, people with short or long necks, gentlemen with neck sizes over 18 or, basically, tall and narrow individuals.

 Most men require to look crisp and tidy, but in order to do that, they need to discover a shirt that fits. However, mass production coupled with the Western drive to make products as cheaply as feasible has caused shirt manufacturers to simplify size options in order to maximize productivity. Therefore, it is advisable to design your own shirt in order to keep away from having to buy dress shirts for men that do not fit or are basically average looking because they are made for the average Western man.


In the event you prefer not to design your own shirt, then you, at least, need to make sure that the dress shirts for men stocked in shops can fit you. There’s aspects that need to be thought about for a great-slim fit dress shirts. First, the shirt collar ought to permit the head to turn and move without making you choke. Similarly, the shoulders and body ought to permit the arms to move freely without the shirt pulling uncomfortably across the shoulders. However, the body of the shirt ought to not be baggy and shapeless either.

The cuffs ought to be tight but the sleeves ought to permit the arms to bend basically. Finally, the shirt tail has to be long not to come out of the pants.

The industry has reduced consumer options by forcing men to buy shirts in white or blue. Moreover, the limited size range has reduced consumer options even further. This extreme limitation imposed on the dress shirts for men that are available on the market has led to the necessity for custom designing dress shirts for men. In the event you select to design your own shirt, then there’s a few points that you need to take in to consideration. Custom shirts are not an pricey luxury. They are not available only to the rich. They are available to the masses. The custom shirt is the result of the demand for dress shirts for men that are affordable but also fit perfectly. The convenient custom dress shirts online can be ordered on plenty of clothing sites.

The three custom designing technique is the counter revolution to the limited mass produced dress shirts for men. However, it is important for each potential client to explore his options in order to know exactly what to order from such sites.

Whether you go to a tailor or design your own shirt online, you ought to keep in mind to ask about comprehensive measurement systems & nice selections of high-quality fabrics. Resorting to an picture consultant can also turn out to be helpful because any style advice or fashion tips can show to be vital when custom designing dress shirts for men.

Those that need to live with limited selections can stick with off-the-rack dress shirts for men. But, those who have fit challenges ought to definitely think about custom made dress shirts for men. Having dress shirts for men custom made is the best & most affordable way to acquire a actual custom fit. Prices vary, but quality custom dress shirts for men are well-worth any cost. Moreover, they are not more pricey than off-the-rack dress shirts for men that can be found at local department stores.

For more details, check out dress shirts for men & make definite you design your own shirts.

Custom Shirts are IN. Not just for corporate executives

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As the name suggests, custom shirt is a kind of shirt, which is made according to the specification of an individual. It is an awesome compliment to your body to wear a shirt, which is precisely tailored as per your requirements and your profile. Such shirts offer individuality that ready-made shirts cannot express.


Customization creates a variety of options for various trades, job profiles, and occasions while keeping the appearance elegant. These occasions can be formal, informal, corporative meetings, casual outings or parties, and these shirts being exclusive, give you right look and feel on such events. The comfort and luxury offered by these shirts is another added advantage that these shirts provide.


casual-mens-purple-white-stripe-pattern-shirtsWhen we talk about the customization, we look at every aspect of the attire. This is made possible by offering a huge variety in fabrics, colors, styles, sizes and add-nos, if any. You will find all the above features just a click away.

We are going to give a new definition to the online shopping by giving you an option of designing your attire rather than selecting from the custom dress shirts. Moreover, the interface is very easy from start to finish and allows you to navigate from selecting the fabric to styling, detailing and sizing it. The sequence starts from selecting the fabric among the choice of exclusive and latest collection of fabric and its set of colors, followed by styling, which includes various adjustable elements like collars, pockets, and plackets etc.

The next step includes add ons as per your requirements and choices, and final step requires you to mention about the measurements. One has the choice of selecting from standard sizes, measuring himself or giving measurements of his best slim fit dress shirts.

The pictures of various styles and sizes allow the person to actually visualize the shirt, and this makes it easy to decide upon these aspects. Those who like to shop online or in other words, who are tired of the pushy salesmen of the stores, can make their choices here at ease.

Joining us online and becoming our member can also fetch you some attractive discount offers. Additionally, the records of each of our clients’ measurements are maintained here for easy future reference. With all the above mentioned features, we endeavor to offer a hassle-free access to premium quality shopping of custom shirts made exclusively for you.

The concept of Custom Shirts!!!

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Through the past few years there has been a lot of talk about custom t-shirts, mugs and all that stuff but having a custom shirt seemed like a distant possibility. Especially with things getting so expensive getting a shirt made to your own liking as in picking the fabric, styling it, detailing it to the point of button style and having it customized to fit your body. This sounds so much better than picking up that S, M, L etc which is general design as well as fitting to fit the masses. A ready made shirt can fit good but it can never fit perfectly. For a perfect fit you need it tailored but in today’s world it is very expensive to get a shirt tailored infact for regular people it is impossible.


 casual-mens-purple-checkerad-pattern-shirtcasual-mens-purple-checkerad-pattern-shirtAt this time comes out like a dream come true for designing your own shirts. And it is not just picking your own online custom shirt fabric or color they allow you to customize the stitching color, collar style, number of buttons, Cuffs, front buttons style, pocket is optional, YOKE, back design, shoulder design, bottom design, collar stiffness, cuff stiffness, button colors, and many other details. Such flexibility allows you to design your own favorite shirt

 so no more do you have to pick a shirt with favorite collar, or fabric or pocket style you can have all your favorites in one shirt or several combinations of favorites by designing an custom made dress shirts.

 Checkout how it works and why it is unbelievably affordable to design your own shirt and to top it all have your monogram on it.