Buying Online Custom Shirts Vs Branded, Over Priced Shirts

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Buying online custom shirts is the new hot trend that every one wishes to go with. Yes, I am talking about women too as they wish to gift personalized shirts to the important or special men in their lives. Customization is the favorite word both for consumers and businesses. Anything that exactly meets the tastes or requirements of the customers is sure to be a hit on the market. It would make the shirt wearer stand out from the crowd. A custom tailored shirt is unique and has exceptional specifications. It presents the hand-made elements that have been assorted as per your expectations and specifications. All the elements can be chosen. Custom made shirts can also be gifted to friends and relatives. A custom dress shirt represents a person’s unique identity. Customization adds personal touch to any apparel.

Marine Extra Slim Fit French Cuff Shirt
Marine Extra Slim Fit French Cuff Shirt

Custom shirts meet your unique requirements and are priced appropriately. They offer wider choices than the branded shirts available on stores. A branded shirt may not meet all your requirements and might make a hole in your pocket. A custom shirt is not too heavy on your pocket as it is appropriately priced. If you wish to add more specifications or alterations on the shirt only then some extra charge is levied. A branded shirt doesn’t leave much room for choices. It is a pre designed shirt with default fabric and buttons. Whereas a custom shirt allows you to choose everything right from the fabric and color to pocket style and monograms. A branded shirt is often priced at a high rate owing to the established brand name and yet it may not deliver the desired results. You may have to compromise on one aspect or another when it comes to branded custom made dress shirts. You may like the color but you may not like the fabric. You may like the color and fabric both but you may not be able to bring changes in other aspects such as collar style, button style, cuffs, pocket style etc.

Purple Dress Shirt Black And White Tie Light Grey Pant Gray Belt
Purple Dress Shirt Black And White Tie Light Grey Pant Gray Belt

On the other hand, when you go for a custom shirt you can customize each element of your shirt. Online custom shirts offer you the convenience of buying shirt at your own time and also provide you the facility to mention various specifications for your custom shirt. Buying online custom shirts is like stitching or designing your custom shirt online. Once you design your shirt by mentioning the specifications the final shirt which you will get is kenspeckle. A branded shirt limits your choice and leaves almost no room for designing. Custom tailored shirts online provide the freedom to choose online custom shirt fabrics, design, button style, cuffs, fitting, style it, collar style, stitching style, pocket style, shoulders as well as personalized monograms. This helps in creating a totally custom tailored dress shirt.

Thus, when it comes to making a choice between getting a branded shirt or a custom tailored shirt, it is always better to go for custom dress shirts online. Providing convenience of shopping, online custom shirts let you specify your unique requirements.




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